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20/07/2019 07:56:07 pm

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Copy of letter No.F.23-2/60 PE-U dated the 20th Aug, 1980 from K.R. Ramachandran, Deputy Secretary to the Government of India to (i) Education Secretaries of all state Governments / Union Territories, Vice-Chancellors of all Universities.


1)       I am directed to state that the Government of India have and under consideration of standardisation of pay scales and also the designations of personnels dealing with Physical Education. From the data collected by this Ministry from the state Government and Universities in respect of the prevailing salary scales of the Physical Education Teachers, it has been noted that there is considerable disparity in the salary scales offered to such personnels in different states; teachers are also generally lower than those of class room teacher of corresponding rank.


2)       After a careful consideration of the matter in consultation with the central advisory board of physical education and recreation, the government of India are of the view that the problem of improvement of the salary scales of the physical education teachers cannot be solved in isolation and without reference to the context of the salary scales of the teachers in general education. However, as an immediate palliative, the government of India would suggest that where the pay-scales of physical education personnel are lower than those of their counter-part class room teachers, immediate concerned to raise the pay scales of the physical education personnels to the same level as those of the class room teachers. It is further suggested that the physical education personnel should have the same opportunities for promotion and advancement as their counterparts in the other educational fields. This position has also been endorsed by the secondary education commission and the University Grants Commission. For facility of reference, I am reproducing below the relevant extracts of their recommendations:


Directors of physical education in secondary schools should have at least passed the S.G.I.C. Examination and should have received same training in general principles of education and child psychology. They should be associated with the teaching of subjects like physiology and hygiene and should be given the same status as other teachers of similar qualifications in the schools.


(Report of the secondary education commission chapter X pp.142)  

The minimum qualification for appointment as a director of physical education or a physical instructor in Universities and colleges should be a post-graduate diploma or certificates or a degree in physical education. Persons with such qualifications may be appointed in the same scale of pay as lecturers. Directors of physical education in the universities may be appointed on the same terms as tutors and demonstrators. These teachers of physical education may be included among the teaching staff of colleges and Universities for purpose of revision of salary scales. 

(Resolution of the University Grants Commission dates the xx-xx-1958) 

3. In so far as the designation of physical education Teachers are concerned, the Government of India have accepted the recommendations of the Central Advisory Board of Physical Education and Recreation that the normal designations given to persons handling class-room and academic subject should be extended also to persons who are teaching physical education. 

The specific recommendations in this behalf are as follows:

Type of Educational Institution

Proposed Designation

1. Middle/High, Higher Secondary School.


Teacher of physical education

2. University College

Lecturer / Assistant professor of physical education add according to qualification and post held.




1. State Governments

a. District Inspector / Supervisor of physical education.

b. Regional Inspector / Supervisor of physical education.

c. State Inspector / Supervisor of physical education.

d. Deputy Director of Education (Physical Education)

II. Officer Incharge of physical education in Universities

Director of physical education.

N.B. Although the board preferred the designation supervisor to Inspector it has recommended that since as accepted at present the term Inspector is preferred to by several persons working as administrative officers, the term Inspector or Supervisor may be used side by side provided the scope of the term Inspector is extended so as to include the processes of Guidance and help also.

4. It is requested, that if there be no objection the state government / Universities may kindly take suitable stops for early implementation of the recommendations of referred to above. The action taken by the state government, university in implementing the above recommendations may kindly be reported to government of India at an early date.




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